Divergent Series parents guide: Now on Netflix, this sci-fi series is perfect for teens

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MAGGIE Q and SHAILENE WOODLEY star in DIVERGENT - credit: ©2013 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved.
MAGGIE Q and SHAILENE WOODLEY star in DIVERGENT - credit: ©2013 Summit Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved. /

Being a Mom, and a big fan of family movie nights, I was excited to hear the Divergent Series is now on Netflix! But while I'm looking forward to kicking off my summer family movie-watching with Divergent, you might be wondering how appropriate the films are for your own family.

If it's been a while since you've seen the movies, let's dive into a little refresher on this sci-fi series. To start with, Divergent and its sequels are based off the popular young adult novels by author Veronica Roth. A Summit Entertainment production, the first Divergent movie premiered in 2014, with the second film Insurgent premiering in 2015 and the final installment, Allegiant, in 2016. All three films are rated PG-13. The movies are packed with a star-studded cast: Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Zoe Kravitz, Kate Winslet, and Octavia Spencer, to name just a few.

The Divergent series takes place in a dystopian future in Chicago, after a war that decimated the world. In order to keep peace, the surviving humans live within a controlled and protected wall within the city. They are separated into five factions, which are Dauntless (brave), Erudite (intelligent), Amity (kind), Candor (honest) and Abnegation (selfless). Each faction helps keep society existing in this peaceful way. Utilizing their skills and talents to better the crumbling Chicago and its people. Of course there is some rivalry, and all factions assume they are the most important, but they do co-exist.

The main character is a teenager named Beatrice, who has a path different from the rest. In the quest to find herself she decides to go by Tris and forge her own way, among other characteristics that make her different from most. She is a strong main character with family ties -- in spite of the goal of "faction over blood" that is touted as the way to be. Tris is flawed, struggles with the harsh life being thrown at her and the eventual leadership role she must take on. But, she rises again and again to protect herself, the ones she loves and her home. Personally, I love this dynamic, Tris feels relatable and her character brought up some great conversations with my kids.

Throughout the three Divergent movies you see people going through extremely difficult times and fighting through them. You see complicated family relationships and how that plays out regardless of the struggle and battles happening around them. There are a lot of subtle messages on accepting who you are, fighting for what is right even when you are scared to, and holding on close to loyal people in your life. It's all wrapped up with amazing action sequences, ziplining, train jumping, fighting, some love interests, and sci-fi high-tech gadgets.

Divergent Series parents guide: Explaining the PG-13 age rating

With the Divergent movies all being PG-13, there are some aspects to this movie I feel should be highlighted.

Violence - There is a lot of violence in the three Divergent movies. Hand-to-hand combat, lots of gun fights, buildings get blown up, bullying, death, suicides and dead bodies are shown. There are some deaths that are very traumatic. It's filled with emotion and doesn't shy away from the pain of loss. That said, it is all in the context of the storylines and I don't feel it is overdone. If you have a child who gets nervous around these themes, there would be no way to skip the violence and understand the rest of the plot.

Language - There are some curse words thrown around in the Divergent movies. It's not a lot or excessive, but they are present a few times in each movie.

Sex & nudity - These are action movies, with a love story wrapped in this fight-for-your-life series. Which means there is kissing and a very brief love scene in the second movie, Insurgent. Shirts are taken off, only the backs of the couple are seen. In the last movie, Allegiant there are a few scenes of brief nudity, not showing anything in detail. The characters have to take showers to clean themselves from contaminants and the shapes of their bodies are shown in silhouettes.

What age is the Divergent series for?

Overall the three movies; Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant are entertaining and fast-paced. They bring up quality conversations about acceptance, balancing respecting the way things are with finding out that there may be better ways of living. It also has lots of amazing fight scenes, fun concepts around technology and amazing special effects. The love story between Tris and Four is a surprisingly healthy relationship with mutual respect and support. I also enjoyed the family dynamics highlighted within this. Life can be complicated and messy, even when things are falling apart around you. But, just like Tris and her loyal group they persevere, keep fighting, and always look out for each other.

The Divergent series is fun, entertaining, filled with action, a little love and a lot of bravery. To kick off summer, enjoy these movies with your tweens and teens!

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