Did The Santa Clauses finally tell us what happened to Curtis?

Curtis took over from Bernard as Head Elf in the third and final movie in the franchise. However, he was mysterious missing in The Santa Clauses on Disney+. Have we finally found out where he is?
The Santa Clauses. Image courtesy Disney/James Clark
The Santa Clauses. Image courtesy Disney/James Clark /

In The Santa Clause 3, a new Head Elf took charge. It was all about Curtis, who was Second in Command while Bernard was Head Elf. One things fans immediately questioned was Curtis’s whereabouts in the Disney+ series, The Santa Clauses.

There was a hint that something had happened to him. Fans, of course, feared the worst. It’s taken until the season 2 finale for us to finally learn the truth about Curtis’s whereabouts. Yes, the series has finally answered our questions.

Does this open the door to see Curtis again, though? I guess that will depend on storylines, actor availability, and just whether there is a need for it with everything else going on.

Where is Curtis in The Santa Clauses?

During The Santa Clauses season 2 finale, we found out that Curtis went on his Krimble Kramble. This is the compulsory vacation that all elves need to go on. Not all of them come back, and not for suspicious reasons. Some of them simply decide they like life as a human.

Well, it looks like that’s what happened to Curtis. At some point between the third movie and the series, he had to do his mandatory vacation. He didn’t come back. That was the hint of something happening to him. It sounds like he just chose to live his life as a human.

This could allow for Curtis to come back. One of the issues with using child stars is that they grow up. Try explaining that when it comes to elves that aren’t meant to grow up. Opting for this storyline certainly helps with that issue, and should Curtis come back, explaining his aging will be easy. He’s a human now!

This is what Bernard did, by the way. It’s not like the series has completely rewritten mythology to work for aging actors!

The Santa Clauses is now available to stream on Disney+.

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