Colors of Evil: Red parents guide: This crime thriller is too disturbing for kids

If you love crime thrillers, Colors of Evil: Red is a stark reminder of the crimes against women. It is on the disturbing side from the start as it showcases a sadistic mind.
Colors of Evil: Red
Colors of Evil: Red /

There are many stories of the crimes against women. Colors of Evil: Red is the latest one to hit Netflix, and this is one to watch when the kids aren’t around.

The movie follows the investigation of the murder of a young woman. The woman turns up dead on a Poland beach, completely naked and with her lips removed. It immediately sets the tone for the disturbing nature of the movie.

While it is not based on a true story, there are elements that will ring true in the real world. After all, we may be in the 2020s, but these sexual crimes against women are still prevalent.

Colors of Evil: Red immediately earns its TV-MA rating

The Netflix movie is officially rated TV-MA, and it earns that from the very beginning. One of the earliest scenes is the victim, Monika, having sex with a man in a backroom at a club. The vision of her body is also clearly shown on screen, bringing viewers the shock value that Monika’s mom sees later.

Sex & nudity: There is a lot of sex and nudity throughout the movie, although nothing is done in a grotesque or gratuitous way. The clearest scene of sex is at the start, where we see Monika naked on top of a man she is having sex with. After that, there are some scenes that involve sex, but most of the time, we only see from the shoulders up and just know what is happening.

Violence & gore: This is a crime thriller. We get a visual look at the way Monika is found. She is naked, face down on the beach. When she’s turned around, her lips are missing. The camera shows this view a couple of times throughout the movie, including as memories from her mom who had to identify the body.

We also watch as a man who is accused of the murder throws himself out of a window. The police look outside, and we see the body on the ground.

There is another sign where a crime boss learns that there’s a traitor in his midst. The man gets the choice of losing body parts and he picks lip. We see the lip removed and the blood dripping, and then there is more violence done. I won’t share too much to avoid spoilers, but it is graphic.

There are a lot of mentions of twisted crimes during the movie. Some of this will be disturbing to hear, especially explanation of anal sexual assault.

Language: Considering the topic of the movie, the lack of language may be surprising. There are a couple of swear words, but no F-bombs, even when people are shouting in anger!

Alcohol & drugs: There are a lot of scenes in a bar, so there is some drinking in there. We also see Monika taking drugs when she is with the crime boss, who decides that he will make Monika his wife.

Overall verdict: Who is Colors of Evil: Red appropriate for?

This is not a movie to watch with the kids around. Some older teens may be okay dealing with it, but it is on the graphic side of things. If your teenagers watch the likes of the Saw movies, they’ll likely deal find with this. However, this story is graphic and disturbing, and it’s sure to bring up a lot of questions.

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