Surprise! Another brand new episode of Bluey begins streaming tonight

The rumors of Bluey’s cancellation have been greatly exaggerated.
Bluey "Surprise"
Bluey "Surprise" /

With already long breaks between episodes, the premiere of “The Sign,” the longest Bluey episode ever this past weekend, and no announced future plans, there’s been a fair amount of speculation that the hit series was canceled. Well, surprise: there’s another new episode of Bluey premiering. Tonight.

Appropriately titled “Surprise,” the new regular-length episode – “The Sign” ran a relatively massive 28 minutes, versus the show’s usual 7 to 9-minute length – will premiere tonight, Sunday, April 21 at 12 am PT on Disney+. After that, it will air on Disney Junior on Sunday at 7 am PT, followed by Disney Channel at 7:30 am PT.

Presumably, the new episode should make the third season on Disney+ a nice round 50, up until whatever other surprise episodes they have up their sleeves premiere.

While we don’t know what the plot of the new episode will be, this is, frankly, kind of a wild turn of events. Over the past few weeks Bluey has essentially been eulogized in the same way as the third season of Ted Lasso, where similarly viewers were not told that it was the final season of the show – and Apple TV+ still hasn’t made an announcement in either direction – but both fans and critics have assumed that’s it for the soccer comedy.

Contrast this with Bluey, which streamed a half-hour that for all intents and purposes could be the final episode of the series, and then one week later, is dropping an entirely new unannounced episode! This is why it’s impossible to predict whether Bluey is wrapping up or not because media strategy be darned, they’ll do what they want.

Bluey is, according to Nielsen, the number one most-streamed series across all audiences. It focuses on a dog named Bluey, her mum, dad, sister Bingo, and all the adventures they get into that make kids giggle and parents sob. The show is created and written by Joe Brumm.

…and at this point, we’ll just start assuming Bluey will release a surprise episode every week from now on, until proven otherwise.

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