Bluey gets even shorter with brand-new Minisodes coming this summer

Still not canceled, by the way.
Bluey Minisodes
Bluey Minisodes /

Bluey delivered its longest episode ever recently, the 28-minute-long “The Sign,” which led to frequent hand-wringing that the show might be ending. Then they released another surprise episode the following week at the regular 7-8 minute length, appropriately titled, “Surprise.” And that too, led to concern the show was canceled given it jumped to Bluey and the family’s future.

Well, guess what? Disney has just announced “Bluey Minisodes,” a collection of 20, one to three minute long short episodes of Bluey all written by the show’s creator Joe Brumm. Each minisode, produced by Ludo Studio, highlights “funny and sweet moments featuring Bluey and Bingo, leaning into playful interactions and games that further explore the characters and world of Bluey,” per a release from Disney provided to The Parent Watch.

So yeah, still not canceled.

While we don’t know the exact content of these episodes or when they’ll premiere other than “in July on Disney Jr. and Disney+,” it’s pretty clear that Bluey isn’t stopping any time soon. In fact, all the “is it canceled?” questioning is coming externally from fans who don’t want to let the show go, versus the creators who seem content to release episodes whenever they want, in whatever format they want.

I totally get that approach doesn’t square with our American view of TV… You get however many episodes in a season, there’s a pause, then you get a new season, until the final season is announced or the show is unceremoniously canceled.

But Bluey is a global phenomenon… Disney notes that “The Sign” was “the most-viewed Bluey and Disney Jr. episode premiere ever, with 10.4 million views.” That is a wild amount of viewers for any TV show nowadays, and it really just points to how the Australian-based Ludo can do whatever they want at this point.

So until Joe Brumm personally announces he’s ending the show, let’s enjoy what we’re getting – super-long episodes, minisodes, whatever – because more Bluey is always a good thing.

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