Argylle parents guide: Why is the comedy mystery movie rated PG-13?

Argylle is one of the top new movies coming out during the first weekend of February. It's rated PG-13, but why is that?
"Argylle" Sydney Premiere - Arrivals
"Argylle" Sydney Premiere - Arrivals / Don Arnold/GettyImages

Argylle is one of the first movies to arrive in theaters in February, and it’s great for fans of quaint murder mysteries. This one adds an extra layer of comedy to the story, making it good fun for all.

It’s rated PG-13. That suggests that it’s suitable for those 13 and up. Those between eight and 13 could watch it, but it may not be the best option. There are a few adult jokes that will go well over a child’s head, and there are some scenes that just won’t connect well with younger audiences. If you want to introduce your younger children to this genre, I’d wait for the movie to head to streaming.

However, teenagers could definitely enjoy it. It does involve Henry Cavill, so of course, there will be a few teens heading to the theaters just for him! Who doesn’t want to see Superman in something else?

Why is Argylle rated PG-13?

Before you get into the movie, though, you’ll want to understand the age rating. Why is it given a PG-13 rating? Is it really going to be suitable for your children in particular?

This is a movie about a reclusive spy novelist. Her character, Argylle, travels the world to uncover global conspiracies. It’s all a work of fiction, right? Well, when the stories start to match the real-life goings on, it becomes clear that sometimes fiction isn’t all that fictional. What is going on?

It sounds like a fun adventure, right? Well, here’s what makes this a PG-13 movie.

It’s mostly the violence. It is classed as “severe” according to IMDb. It is a spy movie, so it’s not all that surprising that there is some violence. It's something on the level of James Bond more than The Boys. Considering some of the violence in computer games now, this is probably nothing your 13-year-old hasn't already seen. It's going to depend on your child, though, so I'll leave you to be the judge of that.

There are some fightening scenes and there is some profanity. Again, it’s a spy movie so there are going to be moments where the characters are put in perilous situations. The language is going to be the type that you would generally hear around teenagers, so don’t expect the F-bomb too much!

As for the sex and nudity, this is classed as mild. It’s nothing on the level of James Bond, but still probably enough to make Argylle feel like a real-life suave spy.

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Argylle is now out in theaters.