Am I OK? parents guide: Dakota Johnson anchors this adults-only coming out comedy

The new movie is now on Max.
Dakota Johnson
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Dakota Johnson is probably best known at this point for disaster-pieces like Madame Web, or the very-much-not-for-kids 50 Shades series. Or, you know, that meme where she says “that’s not the truth, Ellen” to Ellen Degeneres. However, you should ignore all that and watch the very charming and funny Am I Ok?, which is streaming on Max (formerly HBO Max) as of today.

But, should you stream it with your kids? I’m going to waffle on this one a bit, so read on for the breakdown and our age estimation. But first, here’s what to know about the movie!

It stars Johnson as a 32-year-old woman named Lucy who lives in LA. After discovering his best friend Jane (Sonoya Mizuno) is leaving town, she starts to break down – and reveals that the real reason she can’t deal is that she’s finally come around to figuring out she’s a Lesbian.

What ensues is a comedy that gently eases Lucy into the world of dating other women (sometimes not so gently, thanks to her crush on Kiersey Clemons’ Brittany), while also wrestling with saying goodbye to her platonic life partner.

The cast is filled with a who’s who of folks, including Jermaine Fowler as Jane’s boyfriend, Molly Gordon as the hilariously vapid Kat, and Sean Hayes filling the funny boss role. Plus, the movie is directed by real life partners Tig Notaro and Stephanie Allynne, the former of whom makes a hilarious cameo in one scene with the most ridiculous wig I’ve ever seen on screen.

That all said? Let’s talk about who this is appropriate for.

Am I Ok? Parents Guide: Explaining The R Age Rating

Am I Ok? Is rated R for “language, some drug use, sexual references.” And while that’s all accurate, it’s a liiiiittle more than that, so let’s get into it.

Sex & Nudity: There’s a ton of extremely graphic talk of sex throughout this movie, usually to comedic effect as Jane pushes Lucy out of her comfort zone. There’s also one sex scene, though it fades to black and has some tasteful back nudity the next morning. This is no 50 Shades, but be warned it isn’t chaste kisses and that’s it, either.

Violence: None!

Language: There’s cursing throughout. It’s nothing over the top, but these are adults in adult situations - and when they’re talking about sex in particular, it’s pretty graphic when it comes to the language.

Drinking & Drugs: Lots of drinking, characters regularly get drunk. And Brittany and Lucy share some pot on several occasions.

Overall Verdict: What Age Is Am I Ok? Appropriate For?

In case it isn’t clear this definitely earns its R rating for the language and sexual situations alone. This is an adult comedy, made for adults, as I said above. However! It’s also very earnest and sweet throughout, and has a lot of fantastic messages about nuanced conversations around adult sexuality, coming out at your own pace, and most importantly the enduring power of friendship. If you feel comfortable with your teens watching things with cursing and sexual situations that aren’t there’s something to be said for the main idea of the film, that it’s as okay to come out at 32 as it is as nine, or whatever age. It’s up to you, and that’s something that could be very informative for teens who might be struggling with defining their own sexuality.

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