3 reasons you need to watch Nailed It with the kids

Nailed It is a fun Netflix show that sees people attempt to make intricate cakes and cookies. This is a must-watch for the whole family.
Nailed It!: Season 6. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021
Nailed It!: Season 6. c. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

You don’t always want to check out a fictional series with the family. There are a lot of reality shows that are aimed at younger viewers, and Nailed It is one of them.

Nicole Byer hosts this series that sees home bakers take on some intricate challenges. They go head-to-head to win $10,000 and the title of champion. All they have to do is recreate the fancy cakes and cookies that professional bakers have created.

They can be Avenger cookies, or they can be cakes with multiple layers and animals to recreate. Of course, these creations never look like the real thing, but it’s so much fun to see what the homebakers manage to do. Everyone is in it for fun.

This is the perfect show to watch with the family. Here’s why to watch it with your children.

You’ll teach children it’s okay to have fun

We focus a lot in life on doing something productive with our time. We spend a lot of time trying to get children to hone their skills for the future. As adults, we end up forgetting what having fun was like. Playing games and doing hobbies is something that kids do, right?

Well, it’s time to teach kids that’s not the case. It’s okay to have fun. It’s okay to have hobbies that don’t necessarily go anywhere. Nailed It proves that.

Nailed It teaches us how to laugh at ourselves

When the home bakers get a challenge completely wrong, they don’t get angry and upset. They have fun with it. This whole thing is about people laughing at themselves.

Children get to see that it’s okay to make some mistakes. It can even be fun to make those mistakes. And there’s always something to learn from those mistakes.

You can debate the masterpieces together

While you don’t get to taste the cakes, you can still discuss them with your children. This is a great way for them to learn how to debate and critique in a way that isn’t mean. We all need to learn how to do that.

Plus, you get to learn more about your children and what they like or don’t. This can go a long way into showing interest in them.

Nailed It is available to stream on Netflix.

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